Physician Health& Resiliency

A Mission focused on Colleagues

Dr. Puddester is a global expert in physician health and resiliency.  He provided leadership to the innovative and award-winning Faculty Wellness Program at the University of Ottawa, created momentum and system change in physician health across the Canadian medical education and training sector, cared for thousands of his colleagues who are living with burnout, mental health disorders, behavioural challenges, and substance use problems, and been a consultant for many provincial and national medical associations.

Scholarly Work

Dr. Puddester is an Associate Professor of Medicine - Department of Psychiatry - at the University of Ottawa.  He also served as President of the Canadian Association for Medical Education and the CAME Foundation.  He co-authored the Royal College of Physician and Surgeon's CanMEDs Physician Health Guide and Time Management Guide for Physicians. He led the development of the worlds first, and international award-winning,  online physician health resource He also has over 100 publications in the field of physician health.

Recognition & Awards

Dr. Puddester brings a positive energy to his practice, choosing to work collaboratively with engaged partners, and focus on the needs of his patients and clients.  His community has recognized his work in the creation of the Puddester Resident Well-Being Award (Resident Doctors of Canada), and bestowed upon him the C.A. Roberts Clinical Leadership Award (Canadian Psychiatric Association) and the Physician of the Year (Ottawa Academy of Medicine).